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Our Vision

“Bayside Community Centre has a vision of wellbeing, sense of belonging, joy, and empowerment for everyone in our community”.

Our Mission

“The mission of Bayside Community Centre is to provide a space for local residents, and wider community, to come together to build and maintain a vibrant and diverse community.”

Our Values

Bayside Community Centre – the spirit of making a difference


  • Community – BCC champions the coming together of people for the greater good of the area.

  • Recreation – BCC fosters the belief that recreation is an essential element of being human and provides a place for enjoyment, learning and creativity through our various activities.

  • Friendship – BCC provides a warm welcome, a friendly face and a sense of belonging.

  • Diversity – BCC embraces diversity by reaching out to all in our community and by the activities and services we provide.

  • Respect - BCC treats everyone respectfully including local residents, clients, participants, and general community of Bayside which it serves.

  • Fun – BCC believes in creating a culture and environment of fun in all that we do.

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