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The Bayside Community Centre (formerly the Mid Sutton Community Centre) has been in operation for the benefit of families and individuals in the Bayside area since 1984.

The Centre endeavours to create an open and welcoming place for those living in the community. It provides accommodation for a large variety of clubs and groups to run their own events and activities in the Centre. There are currently almost 40 groups using the Centre on a regular basis.


Bayside Community Centre CLG is compliant with all relevant legislation including Companies, Charities, Employment, Data Protection and Health & Safety and Safeguarding legislation. It is compliant with the Code of Governance of the Charities Regulator. There is a Board of Trustees who ensure that the Statutory and Corporate requirements for the Centre are complied with.

The Centre is always open to new ideas that will benefit the development of a good community spirit in the area and we welcome any submissions from residents that would contribute to and advance this spirit. 

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