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Bayside Community Centre 

Strategy 2022-2025 


A Strategy is made up of the following elements: 

• Vision 

• Mission 

• Values 

• Strategic Objectives 

• How will we implement and measure? 


“Bayside Community Centre has a vision of wellbeing, sense of belonging, joy, and empowerment  for everyone in our community”. 

(A vision statement is a big picture of what you want to achieve in the future). 


“The mission of Bayside Community Centre is to provide a space for local residents, and wider  community, to come together to build and maintain a vibrant and diverse community.” 

(What we will do in the present to achieve the vision in the present”.)


The following are the values and what they mean, with an over arching message on making a  difference: 

Bayside Community Centre – the spirit of making a difference 

• Community – BCC champions the coming together of people for the greater good of the  area. 

• Recreation – BCC fosters the belief that recreation is an essential element of being human and provides a place for enjoyment, learning and creativity through our various activities.  • Welcoming – BCC provides a warm welcome, a friendly face and a sense of belonging.  • Diversity – BCC embraces diversity by reaching out to all in our community and by the  activities and services we provide. 

• Respect - BCC treats everyone respectfully including local residents, clients, participants,  volunteers, staff and general community of Bayside which it serves.  

• Fun – BCC believes in creating a culture and environment of fun in all that we do.

Strategic Objectives  

(A Strategy is “…how you will achieve the vision and mission…” - the goals and objectives)

How we will implement and measure? 

The Strategy will only be effective if it drives all activity in BCC and if what we are doing on a day-to day basis can be linked back up to the Strategy and, ultimately, BCC’s Values, Vision and Mission.  

To achieve this, the Strategy will be cascaded into business and communication plans that drive all of  BCC’s functions and activities. No strategy should be set in stone. BCC must be able to position itself  to respond to changing dynamics and circumstances, so agility must be built into the strategy  implementation. What this means is that a review of the external and internal environment will be  built into the implementation & review processes and, where necessary, appropriate modifications  or recalibration may be made to the strategy. It will be imperative that any such changes, their  rationale, and any resulting amendments to business plans and individual goals, be implemented  and communicated clearly and consistently throughout the organisation. 

The Board of Bayside Community Centre share responsibility for the strategy and future direction of  BCC and the effective and efficient delivery of its plans and functions. Ensuring that the highest  standards of corporate governance are always observed, the Board is supported by the staff and  volunteers.  

We will track our progress in delivering Strategy 2022 – 2025 as follows: 

• Standing item on Board Agenda. 

• Annual review of strategy by Board. 

• Strategy updates through internal communication channels where possible. • Employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys.

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